The organizers of the World Championships presented the race track


The race track in Tábor has undergone several modifications. The organizers thought mainly about the comfort of the spectators and added a few extra stands at attractive places along the track. Fans of cyclocross will be able to observe the cyclocrossers not only in the finish line, but also from a height, how they overcome hurdles on the hill or how they cope with running up the stairs.

The organizing team is preparing the course for the World Championships so that it suits the Czech representatives as much as possible. "We would like the Czech colors to have some advantage over their rivals," race director Petr Balogh said at a meeting with journalists. Some passages are named after famous Czech cyclocrossers, such as Fišera, Dlask, Šimůnek and Štybar. "There is also a chapel near the hurdles where the competitors can pray," added Balogh.

In addition to three large screens, fans can watch the exciting cyclocross action from a record ten grandstands. "With this step, we want to achieve a really stormy environment, where the fans will push our competitors for the best possible result. Dozens of drummers who will arrive from South Moravia will also greatly contribute to the atmosphere," revealed Balogh, who invites as many people as possible equipped with trumpets and flags to the Tábor championship, so that the riders feel as much support as possible.

The manager of the construction of the race track is David Kášek, a bronze medalist in the U23 category in 2001. "There are eighteen of us in the team and two trucks help us with the delivery of material. The track is almost finished and is completely marked, we still need the external fencing of the area. Together, we will use fourteen kilometers of fence," explained Kášek.

The mayor of Tábor, Štěpán Pavlík, is also looking forward to the World Championships. "It is a big event for our city. The organizers have an experienced team that has three championships and a whole series of World Cup races behind them. That's why I believe that everything will turn out well and to the satisfaction of the competitors, fans and the organizing team," said Pavlík.

By: Josef Janda, Photo: Josef Janda