1. Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online or at the entrance to the venue.

Tickets can be purchased online here: https://tickets.mstabor2024.cz/en 

2. How much do tickets cost?

ONE DAY TICKET - Friday: €4

ONE DAY TICKET - Saturday: €15 (on-site €18)

ONE DAY TICKET - Sunday: €23 (on-site €26)

CLASS TICKET: Friday, Saturday, Sunday: €38 (on-site €44)

It will be possible to buy tickets at the entrance in both cash and by card (CZK and EUR).

3. Do I have to print my ticket?

It is not mandatory to print your ticket. The ticket must be scanned for verification. Therefore you can either print it out or verify yourself via the QR code on your ticket.

If you have a three-day ticket, you must show this ticket/scan the QR code at entrance every day! So don't throw the ticket away and always keep it with you.

4. Can children attend the event?

Of course! Children are welcome. Tickets are required for all participants regardless of age. If the child is under 130 cm, the admission is free.

5. Are there some discounts available for people with disabilities?

Yes, we offer a 50% discount for people with disabilities (with valid certifications or IDs). However, these tickets can only be purchased on-site. The discount does not apply to companions.

6. Is it possible to take a dog or other animal with me?

It is not possible to bring a dog or other animal to the race for the safety of both the fans and the racers.

7. How will it be possible to pay for the food and drinks in the area?

It will only be possible to pay by card on the premises. More information here: https://www.mstabor2024.cz/en/payments/

8. Is it possible to arrive by camper?

Yes. We offer two parking options for campers:

1) VIP CAMPERS - already 100% booked

2) CAMPERS - first come, first served parking with TOI TOI mobile toilets but no electricity. 

More information here: https://www.mstabor2024.cz/en/race-map-parking/ 

9. Is public parking available?

Yes. We offer parking for cars for 100 CZK/day - https://www.mstabor2024.cz/en/race-map-parking 

10. What times will the event venue be opened/closed?

The venue will be open from 8am to 7pm. We will close the fan tents at 6 pm.

11. Is it possible to bring refreshments / what is not possible to bring?

Anything that could endanger the safety of visitors such as glass bottles, pyrotechnics, flammable materials and weapons of any kind are prohibited. As for bringing refreshments, just like at a concert or any other similar event, this is not allowed. Smaller backpacks can be brought but will be searched. Larger luggage cannot be brought.