South Bohemian region

Discover South Bohemia. They are perfect for exploring Czech history and undiscovered beauties of nature. They offer beautiful, almost untouched nature full of forests and harmoniously changed landscape with many ponds and rivers.

It will delight all those who like to spend their free time actively. Hiking, cycling and adrenaline adventures will come into their own. You can test your fitness, for example, by hiking along the hiking trails, of which there are over 5,000 kilometres in the region. Whether you head out into the dense forests and mountain ridges of Šumava, for a relaxing stroll around the ponds or to discover the history of South Bohemian castles and chateaus, you won't get lost here , the regions has so much to offer!

For true hiking enthusiasts, we also have several long-distance trails in South Bohemia.You can also discover the charms of the local countryside from the saddle of a bicycle, as a dense network of marked cycle paths crosses the entire region. Cyclists can follow the backbone cycling routes along the South Bohemian rivers Vltava, Otava, Volyňka, Lužnice and Nežárka or test their fitness on the Iron Curtain Eurovelo 13. Families with children will not be left behind either, for whom the cycle paths in the Lipno region, in the flat land of ponds in the Třeboň region or in the vicinity of Hluboká nad Vltavou are ideal. Seniors will also enjoy a relaxing ride through the countryside, for whom there is a network of electric bike rental shops where they can rent bikes at a discounted price. But the cycle routes will always lead you through the beautiful landscape of South Bohemia - here between ponds, sometimes along the shores of the national river Vltava, and of course past many beautiful historical monuments.

South Bohemia is also perfect for lovers of good food and drink.

The rich offer of gastronomic specialties only crowns the perfect experience of a visit to the South Bohemian region. Třeboňský carp and other fish, perfectly prepared venison, cream soup kulajda, roasted cabbage, South Bohemian dumplings or blueberry dumplings are just a short list of traditional dishes of honest local cuisine. The experience would not be complete without tasting the famous Czech beer, which has been brewed here according to traditional recipes since the 14th century. Everyone knows South Bohemian beer, but even lesser-known local breweries have something to offer.

Whether you are looking for relaxation or active relaxation, history, entertainment or good food and drink, you can be sure that South Bohemia will not disappoint you. But what shall we tell you, you simply must experience South Bohemia. Come and taste with all your senses all that it has to offer. We can't wait to see you in the south.