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Parking prices

Public parking 1 & 2: 100 CZK/day per one vehicle (4 EUR/day)

Campers: 400 CZK/day per one vehicle (16 EUR/day)

BUS: 500 CZK/day per one bus (20 EUR/day)

VIP campers: not available anymore (fully booked)

Note: parking spaces cannot be reserved in advance and parking is available on a first come, first served basis (not applicable for VIP campers). Payment for parking is only possible in cash. VIP campers parking includes electricity connection and mobile toilets, while the other option is a bit further and with no electricity provided.

It is also possible to pay in EUR (1 EUR = 25 CZK).

Payment will be possible in CZK and EUR (cash only!). Returns will be in CZK only. Exchange rate 1 EUR = 25 CZK. A receipt will be printed for each parking ticket, which will need to be put behind the windscreen.