Visitor regulations

Visitor regulations

The visitor rules of the event apply to all areas of the Komora complex in Tábor, which are surrounded by fences, marked entrances, exits, tracks and areas related to the organization of the Cyclocross World Championship in Tábor 2024 hold during the dates 2.2.2024 to 4.2.2024 from 9 AM to 10 PM.

By entering the area, each visitor agrees to the visitor rules, which he will follow for the entire duration of the event. In the event of non-compliance with the visitor regulations, the organizer is entitled to refuse entry to the visitor or terminate his/her stay at the given event.

Visitor rules of the event

1. Event visitor means any person who enters the venue of the sports event.

2. By purchasing a ticket and presenting it at the entrance, the holder expresses his consent to these regulations. The ticket can be presented on the phone, in electronic form, or in printed form.

3. Visitors must respect the instructions of the organizers, or other authorized persons (e.g. police officers of the Czech Republic, city police officers).

Entrance to the premises

4. The right to enter the sporting event is based on a ticket only. The ticket is not transferable to another person.

5. When leaving the area, the visitor will receive a tape for a problem-free return to the area on the given day. Without this tape, the visitor cannot return to the premises on the given day.

5. Prohibition on the introduction and use of weapons (including knives and scissors), dangerous or defensive devices, glass containers, flammables, drugs and narcotic substances, syringes, safety-threatening objects, pyrotechnic objects, open flames, laser pointers, etc.

6. When entering the premises, the visitor is obliged to undergo a security check at the request of the staff of the organizing service, or other authorized persons (e.g. police officers of the Czech Republic, municipal police officers).

7. Prohibition of entry of any vehicles into the premises of the sporting event without the permission of the organizer. The exception is a bicycle, which is allowed.

8. When entering the premises of the sporting event, the visitor is obliged to undergo a security check and a security check of the vehicle area at the request of the staff of the organizing service, or other authorized persons (e.g. police officers of the Czech Republic, city police officers).

9. Entry to the area is permitted to all persons regardless of age, persons younger than 10 may only enter the area accompanied by persons older than 18. Children under 130 cm are admitted for free.


10. Prohibition of entry to persons heavily intoxicated or under the influence of narcotic or psychotropic substances.

11. Every person entering a sports event is obliged to behave in such a way that there is no damage to health or property and is also obliged to maintain cleanliness and order.

12. Visitors who violate the visitor regulations will be expelled without refund of the entrance fee.

13. Staff of the organizing service are available to protect visitors and to guard the sports event.

14. Competence and duties of the staff of the organizing service: ticket control upon entry to the venue of the event and when moving within the venue throughout the duration of the event incl. random checks; personal inspection when entering the premises (prohibition of bringing in dangerous and unauthorized objects); removal of a person from the premises of a sporting event (a person without a valid ticket, aggressive persons, endangering safety, unauthorized sellers and sellers violating the contractual conditions of sale, dealers of any narcotic substances); preventing visitors from entering areas with a ban on entry for the public.

15. It is forbidden to climb over fences, walls, sound and technical equipment, enter the sports track and places marked with no entry.

16. Every visitor is obliged to submit to a security check (personal check and check of their personal luggage, backpacks or handbags) if they do not contain prohibited items. The check can be carried out by a search by a security officer at the entrance to the premises.

17. Visitors to the space must observe all applicable laws of the Czech Republic, basic etiquette and principles of good behavior during their presence, which means maintaining courtesy and respect towards others. Furthermore, they must avoid any behavior that would manifest interpersonal, racial, religious or political enmity. If someone violates these requirements or does not respect them repeatedly, such a person may be removed from the venue.

We take the safety of all of us very seriously during the event. Thank you for your understanding.

Sales and advertising

18. Any business activity such as running refreshments, selling or renting sports equipment, distributing or selling newspapers, magazines, printed materials, advertising brochures, as well as storing items inside the premises is only permitted with the consent of the organizer of the event.

19. It is also not allowed to take photographs, take videos and other recordings for commercial and business purposes without proper UCI accreditation.

Liability for damages

20. Each participant must behave in such a way as not to endanger or cause harm to other participants and not to cause damage to any property. For safety reasons and to ensure the smooth running of this sporting event, all visitors and spectators must obey the instructions of the organizers, the police, the fire department and be

21. The visitor participates in the event at his own risk and is responsible for all damages caused by his actions.

22. The organizer of the event is not responsible for damage to the health and property of the participants, unless this damage is caused in direct connection with the violation of legal regulations by the organizer.

Movement and behavior in the area

23. It is forbidden to cross the course of the race without the consent of the organizer at the given crossing (consent can be verbal or gestural).

24. It is forbidden to carry out the following activities within the premises:

  • Enter areas that are expressly marked as off-limits to the public.
  • Damage or destroy any facilities and infrastructure of the premises.
  • Write, stick posters or paint on buildings, equipment, information boards or paths.
  • Use motor vehicles on the premises without the necessary authorization.
  • Make a fire, set off fireworks or flares.
  • Defeat outside the designated toilets or pollute the premises in any way.
  • Throwing any objects or liquids onto the race track or into the spectator areas.
  • Change or modify the course of the race in any way
  • Cover advertising panels or other installations in the stadium with banners, flags or in any other way without the prior consent of the organizer. It is forbidden to present any advertising banners or banners or any other unapproved forms of ambush marketing.

25. It is strictly forbidden to make any political statement in any form without the prior consent of the organizer. In the event of a violation, the organizer is entitled to expel the person from the premises.

26. Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the persons responsible for the operation of the area, the organizing and security services, as well as the Tábor Municipal Police, the Police of the Czech Republic, the Fire Rescue Service, the Medical Rescue Service or other information and communication means.

27. The visitor agrees that photographs and video recordings of him/her (including his/her minor child) may be used by the organizer in an appropriate manner for artistic purposes and for press, radio, television or similar reporting,

28. Prohibition of entering the area with animals for the safety of fans and riders

We all want you to enjoy the cyclocross WC in Tábor. However, we ask that you respect the set rules and especially the other participants of the event (including competitors and organizers).

What can be brought:

  • bicycle
  • stroller
  • lounge chair
  • raincoat
  • spare clothes and shoes
  • upon proof of a medical recommendation or report, it is also possible to bring refreshments (e.g. for people with diabetes)
  • flags, ratchets and similar cheering items that undoubtedly belong to cyclocross