VIP Campers

Important Information for VIP Campers at Cyclo-cross World Championships in Tábor

Updated: 23/1/2024

Dear all,

We are excited to welcome you to the upcoming Cyclo-cross World Championships in Tábor. To ensure your stay in the VIP Campers area is comfortable and enjoyable, please take note of the following important information:

Parking Coordination and Assistance

  • Coordinator: Your main point of contact for all parking-related queries is Ondřej Vobora. He is responsible for all parking spots and will be overseeing the VIP campers area.
    • Contact Details: Ondřej Vobora - , +420 774 280 129 
    • Support Team: A dedicated person will be assigned to look after the VIP campers area starting next week. Additionally, there will be assistance available from the local airport staff during the evening for any issues you might encounter.
    • Security: no security is provided, please look after your things. 

Parking Card and Arrival Instructions

  • Parking Cards: Please have your parking cards ready for a smooth entry process. You will be asked to show the parking card and tell us your name. The QR code will be either scanned or the responsible person will ask for the parking card number (above the QR code).
  • Late Arrivals: If you plan to arrive late at night or early in the morning, kindly inform Ondřej Vobora via email or message via WhatsApp to avoid any disturbance.
  • Location of the parking area: you can find the location here: 
  • Or you can use this Google Maps link:,14.7032142 
  • There will be plenty of signs directing you to the parking spot. However, below is a closer image for your convenience. 

Parking Area Capacity and Location

  • Capacity: Over 50 cars have reserved spots in this area. The total capacity is slightly higher, so rest assured that there will be a spot for you. There will be visible borders for each parking spot. 
  • Location: The parking area is located at the local airport. We request you to be respectful of the area and the airport staff. 

Utilities and Facilities

  • Electricity: Electricity will be provided for basic camper functions like lighting. Please bring your own cables for electricity connection.
    • Avoid using electricity for extra heating to prevent overloading the system.
    • There will be available classical 220V outlet
  • Waste Management: A dedicated trash container will be available. Please ensure to use it for keeping the area clean. We want to give back the airport the parking area in the same condition that we will receive it in.
  • Sanitation: 3-4 mobile toilets will be provided for your convenience. Most likely, there will be no showers available. However, it depends on the weather during your visit. 

Additional Amenities

  • Food and More: The local area offers plenty of options for food and other necessities in a walking distance (approx. 1km). E.g. McDonald's, KFC, gas station or supermarkets such as Kaufland.
  • Train station: In case you wanted to explore Czech Republic a bit during your stay, you can leverage the nearby train station! From Friday until Sunday, the trains to or from Prague will stop there. You can be in Prague in approximately 70 minutes. Read more about it here:

We hope you will have a fantastic weekend in our beautiful city and enjoy the exciting performances from the riders. Tábor is proud to host the World Championships for the fourth time – the only city in the world to do so. We're excited to add a new chapter to cyclocross history and thrilled that you get to be a part of it. 

Should you have any further queries or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

Karel Balogh & Ondřej Vobora