Czech Medal – Junior Bažant Bronze


Sixteen-year-old Kryštof Bažant secured the first Czech medal at the 75th World Cyclo-cross Championship in Tábor. In the junior race, only the victorious Italian Stefano Viezzi and the silver medallist Keije Solen from the Netherlands outperformed him.

Aubin Sparfel, the dominant figure of the season, faced tremendous misfortune. He performed exceptionally well for three out of four laps, battling at the front with Viezzi. However, just before entering the final straight of the third circuit, he suffered a rear wheel puncture. By the time he reached the pit for a bike change, additional medallists had overtaken him, leaving Sparfel with the unpopular fourth place.

At the start of the most heavily represented race, 74 juniors from 21 countries lined up, including six of our representatives, with Bažant aiming the highest. The race lived up to these expectations. The duo of the top favorites, Viezzi, Sparfel, and Bažant, immediately took the lead after a good start from the front row, with another Frenchman, Jules Simon, quickly joining them. Just before the end of the opening lap, Bažant lost contact with the leading pair, to which Solen began to close in. After the wheel change in the pit, the Dutch rider tried to distance himself from the Czech youngster, but the young Czech rider hung on and they constantly battled for position.

Sparfel and Viezzi had created a safe gap ahead of their rivals, seemingly poised to secure the two most coveted medals. However, a puncture dashed Sparfel's hopes for a medal. Earlier, Solen managed to shake off Bažant, but the puncture of the French rider brought the Czech rider back into medal contention. Solen and Bažant maintained their positions until the finish line. Viezzi was the happiest, receiving an early gift for his upcoming eighteenth birthday, but certainly, Bažant, who is two years younger, was also elated.

"I am definitely very happy that it worked out; it was a really tough race. The start went according to plan, although I dropped back a bit, I stayed at the front from the first lap. Then I tried to keep up with Solen, but he was better today. Certainly, Sparfel's puncture pushed me forward; I felt the medal, and it worked out. The last lap was very painful, but the fans were amazing; I really enjoyed it," said Kryštof Bažant, now adorned with the bronze medal.


1. Viezzi (It.) 42:01,

2. Solen (Niz.) +9,

3. Bažant (ČR) +31,

4. Sparfel (Fr.) +48,

5. Philipsen (Dán.) +1:02,

6. Vassal (Fr.) +1:17, ...

34. Janout +5:36,

41. Lienert +6:08,

42. Havel +6:16,

56. Hájek +7:28,

65. Kraus (všichni ČR) +10:47.

Author: Jaroslav Cícha