"I'm very happy with how it turned out," commented fifth-placed Kateřina Douděrová at the World Championships in Tábor.


Kateřina Douděrová Shines as the Top Czech Junior, Securing a Fifth-Place Finish at the World Championships in Tábor.

Did you expect a placement in the top five?

I am extremely satisfied. I hoped for at least a top ten because I haven't been racing very well lately. I must say I'm very happy with how it turned out. The fourth place was within reach. I caught up there and was close, but Dutch rider Puck Langenbargová was faster and stronger.

What were your thoughts when you looked at the track in the morning?

I liked it. It definitely suited me more than the recent championship race here when it was frozen, and even more than yesterday's frozen mud. Here, it's about improvisation, which suits me a lot.

How challenging was it?

It was extremely tough, and I have to say that it's good that it ended up being only three laps. It was a relief because in the last lap, I felt like I was riding on my last bit of strength, and I gave it my all.

How much did the spectators help you?

The fans were incredible. The first lap helped me so much that I didn't feel any pain in my legs at all. They drove me with their cheering. And it went well for me.

You've finished the last race of the season. How was it?

I'm very satisfied. This is my second cyclocross season in the juniors, and it went quite as expected, and I am content.

Author: Petr Hofbauer