K. Bažant: "I left everything out there."


Junior Kryštof Bažant secured the first medal at the World Championship in Tábor, a bronze one. 

Bronze Medal – Kryštof Bažant. How does that sound?

It's something amazing. Hearing my name at the award ceremony and having the medal around my neck.

How did the race unfold? Was the start crucial?

The start went well. I began in second place, then dropped back a bit and rode most of the race in third or fourth place.

Coaches mentioned that the muddy track should suit you. Did it prove true?

It was one of the toughest races I've had this year. We were going very slowly; mud was sticking everywhere, and my legs were hurting terribly.

You mentioned trying to hold onto the second position. Was there a bit more left in you?

There was nothing more. I left everything out there.

When did you start believing that the medal was really within reach?

Probably about a hundred meters before the finish. It's never certain.

A big thanks also goes to the fans who cheered you on…

They were amazing. I'm really glad that so many people came to support. I'll never forget such an atmosphere.

The cyclo-cross season is over for you. Did you believe in a medal at the World Championship's beginning?

Not at all.

Apart from cyclo-cross, you are involved in mountain biking. Can the bronze medal motivate you to continue participating in cross-country races?

We'll see how my career develops. In less than a month, I'll already be focusing on mountain biking.

Will there be time to rest and maybe celebrate the medal?

Certainly, I need to rest. In just two weeks, I want to start my mountain bike training.

Author: Petr Hofbauer