MUDr. Martin Kuba / Governor of the South Bohemian Region


Dear sports fans and friends of cyclocross,

The South Bohemian town of Tábor will become the centre of cyclo-cross for three days in February 2024. I feel proud when I talk about the second largest city in South Bohemia, which is associated with such a demanding sport. And it's no coincidence. The people of Tabor want cyclocross, they love it, they cheer for it, they cherish it, they build tracks for it, they raise money for it and they have been doing it for many years. By what they have done, they promote the sport and South Bohemia all over the world. And for that I am grateful to them.

The World Championships are not just any race. The greatest riders, cyclocross stars come here and everything has to be perfect so that the athletes have a good ride and the spectators have a great experience. It's just going to be GREAT! In addition, there will be a new discipline at this championship - the relay and the championship will be all the more attractive for spectators and athletes. But it also means that cyclocross is evolving and is able to attract more and more young athletes.

So let the wheels whizz and the mud fly. I wish all the participants of the World Cyclo-cross Championships to enjoy their stay with us from 2 - 4 February 2024 and I keep my fingers crossed. To everyone!

MUDr. Martin Kuba

Governor of the South Bohemian Region