Štěpán Pavlík / the Mayor of the town of Tábor


Dear cyclocross fans,

after 2001, 2010 and 2015, the cyclocross elite will gather in Tábor for the fourth time in 2024 to elect the kings and queens of this demanding sport at the World Championships. The cyclocross world will visit Tábor in the year when the town of Tábor marks the 600th anniversary of the death of the warrior and commander of the Hussite armies, Jan Žižka. The main square in the historic centre is named after the never defeated leader, where a statue of Žižka with a memorial has stood since 1884.

Regardless of his reputation, Jan Žižka's toughness, correct tactics, sense of discipline and determination always distinguished him as a soldier in the field. I believe that the same qualities are needed by a successful cyclocrosser, who, while not using a chisel to fight against the enemies of the Utraquists, must be able to cope with the rigours of a difficult track and should never faint in spirit if their bike suffers a puncture.

Or as the Tábor championship anthem goes: "Mud and snow, tears and laughter, you know it all, your hands are cold and you are driven by scream. Work hard, you can do it, always be yourself, even when your strength leaves you, you can do it!"

The famous Jan Žižka died on 11 October 1424 in the Battle of Přibyslav. Although he was ideologically separated from Tábor, he remains in the hearts of many Táborites as an invincible hegemon of his time. In the 15th century, the Hussite Revolution resonated throughout Europe and the town on the promontory above the Lužnice River had a continent-wide ring to it. In the modern era of the 21st century, Tábor has a world-class reputation thanks to its numerous cyclocross events on a track called Komora.

Welcome to Tábor, cyclocross brothers and cyclocross sisters. In 2024 we bring you offerings "under both kinds": hospitality and sportsmanship.

Štěpán Pavlík
Mayor of the Town